A month of fun!

The end of August is upon us, which means September is here! We have plenty of fun things planned for this month, including:

Sept 3: “You Might Be a Geocacher If…” begins!
Sept 9: Ultimate Medford Geocache with Rushmore Society
Sept 15-23: CITO week (event submitted, TBA)
Sept. 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day dinner event at The Wharf Fresh Seafood Market & Eatery (event submitted, TBA)
Sept. 21: Park(ing) Day w/ Jackson County Library Services – OregonAstral Games MedfordMedford, Oregon (event details TBA)
Sept. 28: 21 and Over Harvest Festival Night with What to do in Southern Oregon at Whites Country Farm
Sept. 29-30: Harvest Festival Season Kickoff by What to do in Southern Oregon at Whites Country Farm
Plus who knows what else!! Stay tuned for more info!!!!!