International Geocaching Day 2018

International Geocaching Day is right around the corner; have you marked your calendar?

Earn the official International Geocaching Day 2018 souvenir by logging a geocache or attending an event on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Join the global community and celebrate this special day with your friends and family!

We’ll be gathering at China Hut restaurant, located at 450 S Riverside Ave, Medford OR 97501, from 11:30am to 1:30pm for lunch to celebrate International Geocaching Day 2018 and earn our souvenir.

Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your appetite!  It’ll be a great chance for everyone to catch up, share some summer caching stories, and meet some new people.  We hope to see you come out and enjoy the fun!

A Very Merry UnBirthday Bash-A-Palooza 3!

Another UnBirthday celebration in the books!

A big thank you to everyone that came out today to celebrate with us.  I know the smoke is making things difficult to enjoy, but it was great seeing everyone that made the trip.

Thank you to everyone that purchased raffle tickets for the prizes and helped support SOGeo for future events and activities.

We look forward to next year’s celebration!

A Very Merry UnBirthday Bash-a-Palooza 3!

Come join us at Emigrant Lake to celebrate our 3rd annual Very Merry UnBirthday Bash-a-Palooza!!

There will be foodgamesgiftsprizes! and cake!


For those who don’t remember from the last two years, or are new to the celebration this year, an unbirthday (originally written un-birthday) is an event that is typically celebrated on any or all of the 364 (365 on leap years) days in which it is not the person’s birthday.  With that in mind, LET’S CELEBRATE!!!!


Here’s the plan:  Saturday July 21st, 11:00am – 2:00pm (or whenever we call it quits! smiley)

Let’s meet out at Emigrant Lake at Picnic Shelter A (further up the road and across from the Oak Slope Camping area) for a potluck bbq and a day of fun in the sun!  (NOTE: There is a $4 day use fee per vehicle and there isn’t always an attendant to make change)

 Bring family, friends, anybody and everybody!!  Don’t forget your swimsuits too!  There will be plenty of opportunity to play in the water and cool off.


Socks and Amanda will be providing the burgers/hot dogs and buns, we ask that all those attending please bring a side dish to contribute to the meal.  Also, please RSVP the number of people who will be coming in your group so we can get an accurate head count, thank you so much!

Since this is an UnBirthday Party, you better believe there will be gifts and surprises for everyone!  Oh, and also, CAKE!  That’s right, Socks and Amanda will be making and decorating a cake to celebrate all of our UnBirthday!!

We will be having a water balloon toss, a beanbag toss, a slack line, and other miscellaneous fun activities for everyone to join in!!

We will also be selling raffle tickets for some trackables in order to raise money for future SOGeo events and necessities.



Saturday, July 21st, 11:00am-2:00pm (or whenever!), Emigrant Lake

Potluck lunch with games and fun

Don’t forget your swimsuit for a dip in the lake!!

Let’s make this an amazing summer bash and come together for some sun, fun, and relaxation!!

It’s almost UnBirthday time!

This coming Saturday, July 21st, is our 3rd annual Very Merry UnBirthday Bash-A-Palooza!  We’ll be meeting out at Picnic Shelter A at Emigrant Lake for a day full of food, fun, and fellowship!  It’s a potluck picnic so please bring a side dish to share with everyone.  Socks and Amanda will provide the hot dogs, hamburgers, and buns, plus some birthday cupcakes.  Bring your appetite and fun stories!  We hope to see you out at the lake!

Cantrall Buckley Golden Jubilee!

You are Invited!


50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, July 14, 2018, 11 am to 7:00 pm


($5 per car for parking)

LIVE MUSIC: Headliners Brothers Reed

The Antonucci Collective, The Family Carr, Rogue Trio, Romancing the West, Sequoia



Fun for the whole family! All are welcome.

Help us celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “The Jewel of the Applegate” as we commemorate the opening of Cantrall Buckley Park on July 14, 1968. The park’s founder, Neil Ledward, will be honored in a special ceremony, as will other volunteers who helped preserve our community park over the years.

The event will feature live music by prominent local bands, delicious food, local business and nonprofit vendors, art, exhibits, and activities for all ages!

Be part of Applegate’s unique history mark your calendars for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Volunteers needed! Contact to sign up.

Donations of any amount welcome and are tax-deductible: A Greater Applegate, Tax ID # 73-1137098. Please mail checks, with subject line “Golden Jubilee,” to A Greater Applegate, PO Box 335, Jacksonville, OR 97530, or pay securely online at We look forward to your participation!

A Blast in Brookings!

What an amazingly fun weekend in Brookings!!

Our Geocaching with KASPER class on Saturday had almost 40 kids show up!!  Throw in some parents helping out, SOGeo board members Matt and Teresa of MTWiege, and some KASPER helpers, and we had quite the crew walking around Azalea Park.

Sunday had us celebrating Socks’s birthday.  We hopped in the truck with MTWiege and headed up the coastline to Bandon, stopping along the way to pick up some fun, old caches.  A birthday spent caching with friends and my amazing wife, what more could a guy ask for?

Monday we had to head home but we ended up snagging a few more caches before saying goodbye to Brookings and heading back home to Ashland.

Geocaching with KASPER!

Alex and Amanda Smith, founders of SOGeo – Southern Oregon Geocaching, will be coming to Brookings to host a Geocaching class for children as part of KASPER’s summer fun for kids!

Geocaching offers a family-friendly way to teach children about the wonders of the outdoors. It’s a high-tech treasure hunt that can help engage kids in the natural world. Geocaching uses handheld GPS devices to find “caches” in your neighborhood or out on the trails. Caches are containers of all shapes and sizes that can be camouflaged to blend into their surroundings. Come join us for an afternoon of fun as we learn about geocaching and the adventures it offers!

Pre-registration and class sign-in is required for insurance purposes.  Registration Required. Click here to register:

This class requires participants to walk all over the park area. Children age 7 and under must have a parent/guardian accompany them. Wear good walking shoes. Class will meet at the stage area in the center of the park. If possible, download the Geocaching or C:Geo app to use your phone as a GPS to help locate caches.

SOGeo’s back in Brookings!

Greetings Brookings cachers!  Socks and Amanda are back on the coast to have some fun teaching a Geocaching class to kids in the area!  We’ve partnered with KASPER to once again come over and share our love of geocaching and give kids a hands-on experience with learning the in’s and out’s of the game.  We’re looking forward to this year’s class which at the time or writing this was scheduled to have more than 25 kids signed up.  Wow!

Here’s to a fun weekend of teaching and spending some time on the beach!

Hidden Creatures Meet & Greet

Uncover a new world of Hidden Creatures!

Recently, 13 sightings of magical creatures and otherworldly beings have been reported. Embark on a global adventure to try to witness these mythical creatures in their unique habitats. From June 27 through July 25, earn up to 13 mythical creature souvenirs by finding geocaches and attending events.

For centuries, Hidden Creatures have fueled the imagination and provided supernatural explanations for the world around us. Once written off as simple mythology, a recent series of events now indicate these creatures might actually be real. Your challenge is to look for these creatures in their natural habitats and confirm the existence of as many as you can.

Each week a new habitat will be introduced, beginning with Hidden Creatures of the forest and ending with a magical creature who lives among the stars. See how fast you can witness all of the creatures or take your time to find each one over all four weeks, the challenge is up to you!

Find geocaches or attend events to increase your chances of seeing these mythical creatures and earn up to 13 souvenirs. Plus, share your adventures with #hiddencreatures for a chance to be featured on the Geocaching Blog.

Let’s all get together to kick off this 4 week adventure at a place well known for their classic and exotic meat selections:  Jaspers Cafe!  (2739 N Pacific Hwy, Medford OR 97501)

We’ll gather at 6 PM and go over the information for the Hidden Creatures adventure and help everyone earn their first Hidden Creature Souvenir, BIGFOOT!!



When:  Wednesday, June 27th

Where:  Jaspers Cafe (2739 N Pacific Hwy, Medford)

What time:  6pm-7pm


Grab your family, grab your friends, grab your neighbor, and bring them out to learn more about Geocaching and the crazy fun that we all have seeking out hidden treasures and collecting virtual souvenirs for our Geocaching profile!  We hope to see you there!!