Happy Southern Oregon Spring time!

Whew! We at SOGeo have been busy busy planning many different Spring events for our community! Be sure to watch for Cache in Trash out on the 22nd of April (more details soon!). Events will be posted on our events page so you can plan ahead! Also coming up, Donerstag, Comic Con, meet and greets, caching 101 classes and much more! We hope to see you soon!

SOGeo fam enjoying some springtime beach caching!

~SOGeo family


Mountain Madness

Mountain Madness is a Meet & Greet with an optional challenge for anyone who wants to earn a prize. Everyone is welcome to come and join us for a day of fun for all.

Optional Check-in 8-9am
Mountain Madness Challenge – 9am-5pm
Meet & Greet – 5pm-7pm

Canyon Mountain Cafe & Pizzeria
412 Main St.
Canyonville, Or 97417

Find any 15 caches owned by FxBill or dfelash, from Canyonville to Sunny Valley on April 1st between 9am and 5pm. There will be at least 100 (currently 113) Recently Hid Caches to choose from with a variety of ratings. You may want to consider the cache ratings and locations when planning your day. There will be information and printouts available at the optional check-in.-  You must provide photo proof of the dated Inked Logs at the Meet & Greet to claim a prize (Do Not post these photos online as spoilers).
Р Caches must also be logged online during the challenge between 9am and 5pm to qualify.

Prizes will be awarded at 6pm to cachers who have completed the challenge. The prizes may include Caches, Trackables, and Swag.

Oregon mountains

Lithia Park

Cachers!! SocksAndAmanda will be heading to Lithia Park Saturday morning from about 9-11 a.m. to help teach some inquisitive new cachers about Geocaching. Want to stop by and share some stories and help? Please do!! We will be meeting at the water fountain at 9 a.m. to being our little tour of Lithia. Know someone who wants to learn more about caching and get a hands-on experience? Share this with them and come join!! We hope to see you there!!