8 Features to know about on Geocaching.com

Eight features to know about on Geocaching.com

Geocaching.com has so much to offer, there are plenty of amazing and helpful features that you may have never known existed. Put these eight features on your radar to up your find count and enhance your geocaching out in the field!

1. Solution Checker
So you’ve worked for hours to solve a puzzle, but how can you be certain, once you tromp all the way out into the middle of the woods that you’ll be at the correct final location? Elementary, my dear cacher! Confirm your coordinates with the Mystery Cache solution checker. This simple tool ensures that geocachers have solved for the correct coordinates before searching for the final container. If a cache owner opts to use a solution checker, you will find it on the cache details page.

2. View your DNFs on the map
Want to know where your “previously Did Not Find” caches are so you can avenge them? All your DNF’d caches will display on the website and app map with blue, “saddy face” icons. The DNF icon makes it easy to identify which caches are your nemesis  so you can get back out there and turn those frowns upside down.

3. Geocaching Friends
Ever meet a cool cacher at an event or out on the trails? Become friends on Geocaching.com and stay in touch. You can see what your geocaching friends are up to in the newsfeed of your Dashboard, message them via the Message Center, and add them to your Friend League!

4. Friend League
Now that you have more geo-buddies, sign up for the Friend League! The Friend League is a leaderboard that shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity. Whenever you log a cache, attend an event, or engage in other geocaching activities, you collect points. Check your Friend League to see how you stack up against your friends!

5. View Logbook
The logbook on a cache details page allows you to see if your geocaching friends have found that geocache. Click “View Logbook” just above the logs on cache details and easily view all logs, your logs, or your friends’ logs for that cache. Use the Logbook to get an idea of who you can call if you need to phone-a-friend on a tricky cache!

6. Personal cache notes (Premium feature)
Pssst… Need to write a personal note to yourself about a cache, such as solved puzzle coordinates, details about a hide, or steps for a Multi-Cache? You can add and edit Personal cache notes both in the Geocaching® app and on Geocaching.com. Personal cache notes in the app can be added while offline and are saved with geocache details in Offline lists. Note: Personal cache notes are only viewable by the author.

7. Public Bookmark Lists
Bookmark Lists are about what you’d expect: caches that are worth bookmarking and keeping track of. If you find a cache that you like, chances are it’s on a List that includes similar caches such as, Favorite Caches in ParisCreative Hides, or Tree-climbing Caches. Lists are a great way to keep track of geocaches and can be public, shared, or private. To see if one of your favorite caches is on a public list, scroll down the geocache details page until “Bookmark Lists” appears on the right hand side. This displays all the Public Bookmark Lists that this particular geocache in on.

8. Nearby Events on your Dashboard
We recently introduced a personalized events calendar on your Dashboard. With one glance you can see the next geocaching event near you. It’s easy to RSVP, view details about the event, or browse other upcoming events.

We hope surfacing these features will help you make the most of your geocaching adventures.

(Info from blog.geocaching.com)


A month of fun!

The end of August is upon us, which means September is here! We have plenty of fun things planned for this month, including:

Sept 3: “You Might Be a Geocacher If…” begins!
Sept 9: Ultimate Medford Geocache with Rushmore Society
Sept 15-23: CITO week (event submitted, TBA)
Sept. 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day dinner event at The Wharf Fresh Seafood Market & Eatery (event submitted, TBA)
Sept. 21: Park(ing) Day w/ Jackson County Library Services – OregonAstral Games MedfordMedford, Oregon (event details TBA)
Sept. 28: 21 and Over Harvest Festival Night with What to do in Southern Oregon at Whites Country Farm
Sept. 29-30: Harvest Festival Season Kickoff by What to do in Southern Oregon at Whites Country Farm
Plus who knows what else!! Stay tuned for more info!!!!!

A new challenge appears!

You might be a geocacher if…

Introducing a new four-month series called “You might be a geocacher if…” Each month from September through December, use the Friend League to individually earn points toward a new Geocacher Personality Souvenir. Are you an Adrenaline Junkie? A Caching Connoisseur? A Social Butterfly? A Trackable Lover? Collect them all to be the ultimate geocacher. Keep reading to learn September’s challenge below!

In September, you might be an Adrenaline Junkie if…

It’s all about the thrill of the hunt. You crave physical and mental challenges that include long days of geocaching with “gear, (some) fear, and fun!” Whether you’re climbing, diving, or rappelling, there’s nothing easy about getting to this GZ.

To earn the Adrenaline Junkie souvenir, earn 50 points individually on your Friend League beginning Monday, September 3 at noon UTC and ending at noon UTC Monday, October 1. During this time, earn double points for difficulty and terrain!

The scoring*:

Found a geocache with less than 10 Favorite points: 5
Found a geocache with 10+ Favorite points: 10
Difficulty rating: x2
Terrain rating: x2
Attended Event: 5
Drop Trackable: 3

For example, if you log a Difficulty 5, Terrain 5 geocache with under 10 Favorite points you will earn 5 points for logging the find, and 5×2=10 for Difficulty, and 5×2=10 for Terrain, giving you a total of 25 points on your Friend League!

*The Friend League will not reflect this scoring until Monday, September 3 at noon UTC.


How do I play?
Find different geocache types to individually collect 50 points on the Friend League between Monday, September 3 at noon UTC and Monday, October 1 at noon UTC and earn the Adrenaline Junkie souvenir.

How can I earn points?
If you log a cache, attend an event, or perform other geocaching actions, you collect points.

Action Point value
Log a Found it on any geocache 5
Log a Found it on a geocache with 10 or more Favorite points 10
Earn double points for the Difficulty and Terrain ratings X2
Attend any event 5
Drop off trackable 3

* The max number of points you can earn for any cache log is 30 points by finding a D/T 5/5 geocache with 10 or more Favorite points.

For example, if you log a Difficulty 5, Terrain 5 geocache with under 10 Favorite points you will earn 5 points for logging the find, and 5×2=10 for Difficulty, and 5×2=10 for Terrain, giving you a total of 25 points on your Friend League!

What is the Friend League?
The Friend League is a leaderboard that shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity. Earn points when you log a cache, attend an event, or complete other geocaching tasks. The number of points vary depending on the task at hand.

The Friend League displays the total points you individually collect during the month. You can also see how many points your friends have earned. The Friend League will reset to zero on Monday, October 1 at noon UTC when a new souvenir challenge will begin.

Can I join at anytime?
Of course! Join anytime between September 3 through October 1 and earn 50 points individually on your Friend League and earn the Adrenaline Junkie souvenir.

Where can I see my souvenirs?
As soon as you collect a certain number of points, the associated souvenir will automatically be awarded to your profile. The souvenirs appear on your profile under the souvenir tab.

Is the Friend League in the Geocaching® app?
The Friend League is not in the Geocaching® app but can be viewed in your phone’s web browser.

My Friend League points aren’t correct. Help!

  1. If you change a NoteDNF, or other log type to a Found it log, it will not be recognized on the Friend League.
  2. You may have found and logged a Lab Cache. At this time, the Friend League does not award points for finding Lab Caches.
  3. You logged on Monday, September 3 before noon UTC (convert to your local time here). We suggest that you wait to log until AFTER Monday noon UTC – which in some places like New Zealand is Tuesday at midnight – to log your geocaches. Otherwise the points will not count for the first week.
  4. You saved a Draft on a Monday, September 3 before noon UTC (convert to your local time here).

If you have already posted your logs, select “View / Edit Log / Images”, then click the pen icon and “Submit Log Entry” on the website. Your logs should now be counted towards your total.

What does UTC stand for?
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the basis for civil time today. It is the time standard (not a time zone) commonly used across the world. You can convert UTC to your local time here.

Do I get points for attending a CITO, Mega or Giga-Event?
Yes. Attending any event earns you five points.

Still have a question?
Having trouble logging your finds? Have a question about scoring? The best way to get answers quickly is to write to us using this form. Thanks and good luck!

You might be a geocacher if…

International Geocaching Day 2018

International Geocaching Day is right around the corner; have you marked your calendar?

Earn the official International Geocaching Day 2018 souvenir by logging a geocache or attending an event on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Join the global community and celebrate this special day with your friends and family!

We’ll be gathering at China Hut restaurant, located at 450 S Riverside Ave, Medford OR 97501, from 11:30am to 1:30pm for lunch to celebrate International Geocaching Day 2018 and earn our souvenir.

Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your appetite!  It’ll be a great chance for everyone to catch up, share some summer caching stories, and meet some new people.  We hope to see you come out and enjoy the fun!

A Very Merry UnBirthday Bash-A-Palooza 3!

Another UnBirthday celebration in the books!

A big thank you to everyone that came out today to celebrate with us.  I know the smoke is making things difficult to enjoy, but it was great seeing everyone that made the trip.

Thank you to everyone that purchased raffle tickets for the prizes and helped support SOGeo for future events and activities.

We look forward to next year’s celebration!

It’s almost UnBirthday time!

This coming Saturday, July 21st, is our 3rd annual Very Merry UnBirthday Bash-A-Palooza!  We’ll be meeting out at Picnic Shelter A at Emigrant Lake for a day full of food, fun, and fellowship!  It’s a potluck picnic so please bring a side dish to share with everyone.  Socks and Amanda will provide the hot dogs, hamburgers, and buns, plus some birthday cupcakes.  Bring your appetite and fun stories!  We hope to see you out at the lake!

A Blast in Brookings!

What an amazingly fun weekend in Brookings!!

Our Geocaching with KASPER class on Saturday had almost 40 kids show up!!  Throw in some parents helping out, SOGeo board members Matt and Teresa of MTWiege, and some KASPER helpers, and we had quite the crew walking around Azalea Park.

Sunday had us celebrating Socks’s birthday.  We hopped in the truck with MTWiege and headed up the coastline to Bandon, stopping along the way to pick up some fun, old caches.  A birthday spent caching with friends and my amazing wife, what more could a guy ask for?

Monday we had to head home but we ended up snagging a few more caches before saying goodbye to Brookings and heading back home to Ashland.

SOGeo’s back in Brookings!

Greetings Brookings cachers!  Socks and Amanda are back on the coast to have some fun teaching a Geocaching class to kids in the area!  We’ve partnered with KASPER to once again come over and share our love of geocaching and give kids a hands-on experience with learning the in’s and out’s of the game.  We’re looking forward to this year’s class which at the time or writing this was scheduled to have more than 25 kids signed up.  Wow!

Here’s to a fun weekend of teaching and spending some time on the beach!

Discover Central Point 2018!

Discover Central Point 2018 is here!

We’ve handed out a number of passports and a number of coins already today!  What a great turnout for this event!  A huge thank you to Central Point Parks and Rec, Nikki Petersen, Elizabeth Blodget, Holiday Inn Express and Suites (Central Point), JC Brown, and everyone who came down to participate in the fun!

There are still a number of coins left and passports can be picked up during regular business hours at Central Point City Hall in the Parks Department or anytime from the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Central Point off Peninger.  Passports can be returned to either site to exchange for this year’s Geocoin.